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Soupçon group show Stanley Street Gallery Camille Gillyboeuf

"Making an outstanding appearance in the last MFA grad show at the National Art School, the French-born Sydney-based artist Camille Gillybœuf makes her presence resonate at pompom with three works that continue her interrogation into the dichotomy of childhood/adulthood. Working across charcoal drawing, sculpture, and installation, Gillybœuf's practice gravitates towards examining the many contrasting elements that coexist when engaging with transitional objects, particularly the 'doudou' (meaning comfort-object in French). Gillybœuf’s imaginary landscapes and felt assemblages evoke feelings of innocence, security and wonder alongside fear, loss and discomfort. They require contemplation and closeness in a world that screams for distance and solitude. While seducing you with the possibility of tactile experiences, the smooth render of charcoal on paper and raw felt tap into the echoes of the unconscious mind, distilling in the process the notions of becoming and belonging through place and time."

Extract from Confabulations exhibition catalogue essay written by Felipe Olivares, August 2021, Galerie pompom

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Align, Camille Gillyboeuf, group show, emerging artist, sydney art, sydney artist

"Revealing themselves are the surrealist dreamscapes from French-Australian artist Camille Gillybœuf, which shine through the monochrome palette. The charcoal creates a subtle grain on the surface, absorbing the light and drawing the viewer closer. The pair of textured drawings present a world with natural shapes, negative spaces, and a figure in each work, one monstrous and the other reduced to a minute scale. Magnified by a sense of uncertainty mixed with curiosity, the imaginative depictions form a desire to dive into unfamiliar worlds. Gillybœuf embraces this tension and describes “escapism and comfort as a useful function of the human imagination”. Subjectivities highlight how sightlines are the most tangible visual connection to our physical world."

Extract from ALIGN exhibition catalogue essay written by Samantha Houben, July 2021, Ninety Three Bourke

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« To think clearly in human terms, you must be
impelled by a poem. »

« Pour penser clairement en termes humains, il
faut d’abord qu’on soit poussé par un poème. »


Poèmes de Les Murray
Dessins de Camille Gillybœuf

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Bestiaire des antipodes Les Murray Camille Gillyboeuf Australian poet